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Gylfaginning is online!

Gylfaginning is now online … decided to take a mini-break from the Poetic Edda and do some on the Prose Edda instead. Next will likely be the Skáldskaparmál it took about 45 min / 10 segment section of the Gylfaginning at that rate will likely take two days to get the complete Skáldskaparmál online. The reason it takes so long is that every thing is doubled as there is an English section and then there is the Old Norse section and paragraph formatting that needs to be done to each section.

We are suppose to get hit by Hurricane Hanna Thursday / Friday that may hinder progress significantly if there are electrical issues or the DSL line goes out via tree falling on the lines or power outage at the switching station.  The goal this week is to get all of the Skáldskaparmál online by the weekend. After that there are currently no English translations available for the remaining areas of the Prose Edda, we will however make the ON sections available regardless.


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