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From my hearth to yours

Hail from Bergdis’s Hearth. This is my wee spot by the family hearth where I will come and sit for a while and chat about my life as a woman who follows our Old Customs. There is much of our folk’s culture that has been lost in the past few generations, living in a great age of a cultural diaspora ourselves. It is with my own evolving discoveries of our own Northern European cultural ways in mind that I will hopefully engage, perhaps enlighten and perchance entertain those of you who will visit my pleasant corner of Midgard. So come on by for a visit anytime…hospitality is a way of life for us. 🙂

Cheers from my hearth to yours!!…Bergdis

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  1. Hrafnmann says

    /me parks himself in the comfiest seat then vigorously pokes the hearth into a furious blaze.

    Where are my fleece slippers?


  2. Bergdis says

    I think you’re sitting on them… hehehehe

    And where is my cup of tea?


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