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Grípisspá & Reginsmál Online

Both Grípisspá & Reginsmál are online now, next two up will be Fáfnismál & Sigrdrífumál, likely sometime tomorrow if all goes well with limited interruptions. As it looks right now we will have the Poetic Edda completed by the end of May, thus allowing a very short time to get two new sections ready, the first one on Lindisfarne and the second one on Teutoburg Forest. Most of the material is already done and in a web format; however it needs conforming to the new design and the various gateways need to be developed.

If the Poetic Edda goes past the desired end of May completion date, which it might as there are 14 lays that need to be reworked to conform to the ON, we will be switching to the Lindisfarne section anyway as the anniversary for this is June 8th.

Have any thing you want to see in either the Lindinisfarne or Teutoburg Forest sections? Comment on it here.


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