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Guðrúnarkviða I, Sigurðarkviða hin skamma and Dráp Niflunga

Major update today, got Guðrúnarkviða I, Sigurðarkviða hin skamma and Dráp Niflunga online would have had Helreið Brynhildar but seems Bellows lost stanza 7 so having to do a bit of searching to figure out why he did that. Helreið Brynhildar should be online by tomorrow, since there will be interruption in tomorrow’s flow and the next 2 days that will likely be it until sometime in the next week.

Next up are Helreið Brynhildar, Guðrúnarkviða II, Guðrúnarkviða III, Oddrúnargrátr and Atlakviða for next few days. Due to Atlamál hin groenlenzku being over a hundred stanzas, it is likely to take a couple of days to get online. The goal is to complete the Niflung Cycle in the coming week.

Right now we are on schedule for completing the Poetic Edda within the May deadline.


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