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Big updates and unfortunate conclusion

In todays update is the bringing online of Guðrúnarkviða in forna and Guðrúnarkviða in þriðja for the Poetic Edda and Viðauki II: Skáldatal:  Skáldatal Danakonunga ok Svía and Hér hefr upp skáldatal Nóregskonunga for the Prose Edda. There are plans to have the Háttatal translated as well even if it is just a literal translation this would complete the Prose Edda and is the ONLY place on the whole Internet in which the Prose Edda is completely translated to English. The Viðauki I: Nafnaþulur is well over halfway done and should be online sometime in the near future.

Now on to the unfortunate conclusion ….

Well it is not all bad, today while working on the extremely complicated and screwed up Bellows translation of Guðrúnarkviða in forn we came to the conclusion that when the entire Poetic Edda is online that we are going to have to go back through every lay and correct errors in the Bellows notes. Else the notes will end up being useless. While doing this since it is going to require reopening every page that is in Poetic Edda we might as well make the notes interactive. There has been no decision made on how to go about doing that so if you have an idea of how you would like to see the notes link speak now or forever hold your peace with it. There are a couple of weeks before this will be done so think on it.

Next up is Oddrúnargrátr and Atlakviða depending on how complicated these get they may or may not be online in the next day or so.  After these are online only one lay remains in the Niflung Cycle and that is the very long Atlamál hin groenlenzku which will take several days to get online because of the complexities in determining how to undo the compression of stanzas by Bellows.

There remains as of today 5 lays of the Codex Regius to be done including the Jömunrekkr Lays – Guðrúnarhvöt and Hamðismál. As you will have noticed there is really a total of 7 lays to be done the two that are not in the Codex Regius are: Hlöðskviða and the Waking of Angantýr as extracted from the Hervarar Saga.


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