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Atlamál hin groenlenzku and Google

Atlamál hin groenlenzku is now completed thus making the entire Poetic Edda online! But there is still some work that needs to be done to the Poetic Edda as a whole, that is going back now and fixing any errors in the notes regarding stanza references.  It will be another fun job but should not take too long to do with two or more people working on it from what I have grown to call my columns of numbers with a B and ON a stanza map. With the maps it will be just a matter of seeing what the note was and updating it to the new stanza number if any change is needed.

Also completed is the updated information reguired for search engine optimization for Google. I have greatly expanded the keywords section as well as the title to help get a better placement on Google searches. Currently when a search is conducted on Google using “Voluspa” we rank #14, in part this is due to the Voluspa candle which ranks 1-6.

We have met the end of May deadline for getting the Edda online, with a few days to spare.


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  1. Hrafnmann says

    Good job and another deed done. This should be quite useful as an online tool.

    So when do we get a forn sed translation for those who follow the old way? 😉

  2. marion says

    Well done 🙂

    Hrafnmann, you volunteering?


  3. Hrafnmann says

    Hahahaha. I wish I could. Those of us whom are versed in O.N. should make an attempt though. You would think a team could be easily gathered to work on it section by section, mulling over each word and reaching a consensus on a decent interpretation with a heathen p.o.v. always in mind. Far too many scholars in the past have forced their personal interpretations rendering highly variable meanings from the simplest to the most critical of words, not to mention arrangement. As Noil has found out much to his frustration, the tampering with the text has been rampant and confusing.

  4. Noil says

    It would be nice to have a unique translation that was a translation on what is said and not what a academic thinks they would like to see because it fits into their plans better. The problem remains of one involved that would see this to the end that can read ON is Marion, I do not read enough of it to say yeah I can do this on my own. Keep in mind the time it took just to get what is online now … if you go back through the blog you will see was almost a year. A new translation would take a couple of years, so we need to be prepared for the long duration; I would like to see it happen and I think it will happen, however there are a couple of other things in the queue.

    But feel free to send some of your articles to be added as I will be picking away at that area.


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