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Teutoburg Portal

Well after months of work the Teutoburg Portal is now online and in time to coincide with the 2000th Anniversary of the battle.  This is perhaps one of the most complete analysis of the events that is available on the Internet, covering the build up to the battle, the battle, immediate outcome and long term (modern) impact.

The portal will remain a part of the Völuspá.org over all site right now it can be accessed via the main menu, under Teutoburg Portal.

Also this month are the commemorations for the Battle of Svölder on September 10th and the Battle of Stamford Bridge on September 25th. There are currently articles in the Articles section of the Völuspá site.


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  1. Hrafnmann says

    Excellent! Nice intro too. Another feather in your cap. Now to spread the word. . .

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