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Hymiskviða is online but with issues

This morning I have finished up putting the Hymiskviða on line; it is a really large mess as Bellows did not do a very good job of translating it. There is as much as a 3 stanza difference between what Bellows has and what the Old Norse says. Unfortunately this will be a major job to fix, requiring essentially a re-write / re-order of Bellows’ translation of this lay starting at stanza 18.

It is also rather unfortunate that while the goal is to make the Eddas accessible with the easiest to read and understand translations, it is also full of issues with the translations in which we can use legally without issues of copyright infringement.

Perhaps when the complete Poetic Edda is completed this particular lay will be revised and re-ordered / re-written to better match the Old Norse manuscript.

Next to be put online is the Lokasenna; a fairly large lay with 65 stanzas plus various paragraphs. This lay will likely take some time to do.


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  1. marion says

    At least Lokasenna should be fairly simple, except for the unique word for what Óðinn’s beating on . . . ?

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