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It has been just over a year now since the transmigration of Wulfmann (Frank), known to many simply as Wulfy. As with traditions of our folk it is customary to remember the passing.

Wulfy while troubled by health problems tried to be part of the fragmented Heathen community, wanting to look deeper to his own spirituality; unfortunately in many of the self reflections his confidence became shaken and the core of his beliefs questioned.

Upon the time of his transmigration from this world to the Other World, he was in a dark place within his beliefs, due to the rapid decline of his health it became increasingly difficult to help him through the darkness.

Now a year later it is time the transmigration be completed, while it can not be done by me at his final resting place the winds carry the words to the trees to speak all the same. I debated on posting this writing in English and decided that it would be best that I did for those who knew Wulfy:

Passing of Máni and Sól upon the Gods’ disc.
Twisted woods with dark paths.
Water cold flows to the knees now.
Now deep with in dark the colours all faded.
No exit from this land can be seen by most.
With the pale orb high take my hand to escape this wonder land.
Troubled spirits echoing on time lost to most.
Winds carry the words silently spoken upon the songs of birds.

Power is the earth … power is from the sky high above.
Take the mark of Týr and keep your head held high.
The road lays before now, go forth to make the journey in the Other World.
Where the line of your ancestors becomes clear.
Go forth through tall trees with open paths.
Huldrefolk lead the way to the clearing of woods.
And soon you will find paradise!

Monsters of this world you are free of now.
Your spirit is faded from the view of most.
All the life that once was is a ghost to you now.
Those across the gods’ disc will see you again.
When they fall asleep.

May you find what you were looking for but could not find in this world.


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