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Today marks the mid summer point in the Nordic lands. In the non-Nordic lands it marks the beginning of summer.

Take some time and acknowledge the Gods and Goddesses, upon this the longest day of the year.

I will be holding my midsummer blót a little off schedule this year and will be doing it next week, when I plan to be up in the higher mountains.

So tonight I raise a horn to Sól as she lingers a little longer and to Máni as he does a quick sprint across the night sky.


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  1. Marion says

    Happy Midsummer, Noil 🙂 I think it’s only the US that has the seasons “beginning” at their mid-points. I blóted for Liþa this morning, but I have never done the all-night vigil. One of these years, when I don’t stay up for work 🙂


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