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Harvest Time

For those who have been able to grow crops this year, the time for harvest is here. Traditionally in the northern regions the harvest would begin in early September to ensure the crops were not lost to early frost.

We’ve been harvesting for some time now, as this year has been especially wet, I don’t recall having to irrigate but maybe two times all summer long. On the other hand being so wet the potatoes had massive failure and the tomatoes didn’t do especially well either. Other crops did good or above average. This year was a good year for the grapes.

As with tradition one should leave something for Freyr and I like to include Freyja in the first harvest, and for me subsequent harvests a small portion for Thor and on the final harvest for Sleipnir and Óðin. Alternately one could leave a portion to the landvættir, I do an offering to them separately at the end of the growing season and again before planting. It is really up to the individual how they choose to do their offerings and to who. Generally though I try to thank the Gods, Goddesses and wights that are involved in helping make the crops grow.

Good luck in your harvests!


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